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On 8/3/1963 announced the so-called (RCC), a state of emergency in Syria and despite the passage of 41 years on the causes of it, Fmasalt the country reeling from the emergency law, which extended its effects to include all areas of public life for the community and the Syrian citizen, and a star for the siege of the community and to curb the movement and the reduction of its energies and thrown thousands of citizens in prison for reasons of their opinions or their positions of political or charges do not constitute an offense legally and evolved Msttavat Emergency Law (martial law and special courts) to give rise to customary laws above exceptional linked to a large extent the mood executioners we the undersigned, call on the Syrian authorities to lift the state of emergency and cancel shall entail Tha and Alatharalta resulted in (legal, political and economic, including: the abolition of all customary courts and exceptional stop arbitrary arrests the release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, and to compensate those affected rehabilitation of deprived civilians for political reasons re-exiled to their legal guarantees ft h file missing and unaccounted for, and the settlement of their legal status, and the matter of compensation for y and launch democratic freedoms, including the right to establish political parties and civic associations

In order to lift the state of emergency in syria